Hydrodynamic Devices (HDDs) in Butte-Silver Bow County

In 2013, Butte-Silver Bow County (BSB) began installation of six hydrodynamic devices (HDDs) at the base of the Butte Hill. HDDs capture approximately 70% of sediments, trash, debris, and oils in stormwater. The six HDDs are located strategically at the bottom of stormwater drainage basins in Butte. Though stormwater is not treated before entering Silver [...]

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NPS and PS pollution drawing

What do you mean by “dead zone”?

By Dr. Arlene Alvarado, Education Coordinator Question:  Many students expressed concern about the ‘dead zone’ on Silver Bow Creek near the waste water treatment plant.  They asked, “What do you mean by ‘dead zone’?” As I wrote in my last column [Montana Steward, 2014, Vol. 4 (1)], for over 100 years Silver Bow Creek was [...]

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Birds Eye View Education Program

  Are you curious about Montana’s birds?  Join the University of Montana Bird Ecology Lab for a morning of bird banding At one of these locations:  2015_BEVEPannouncementdirectionsforpublic Valley of the Moon Nature Trail on Rock Creek Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS in Deer Lodge MPG Ranch near Florence (by appt. only)     The University of Montana [...]

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Montana Tech


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1908 Flood influenced what we are now.

Butte was booming in 1908. For all practical purposes, the War of the Copper Kings was over, even though the Anaconda Company would not completely consolidate its ownership of nearly every mine and more until after William Clark died in 1925. After Augustus Heinze was out of the picture in 1906, money that had been [...]

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