Conservation & Superfund Library

The library is a searchable index of CFWEP documents, including Superfund-related documents, newsletters, information sheets, and much, much more on the environment of western Montana. If you are looking for lesson plans and other educational resources, visit the Lessons & Activities page.

Silver Bow Creek
SBC-030209744.6 KiB886
Superfund-Master-smallest3.0 MiB1075
The Montana Steward
CfwepSpringSummer201322.8 MiB704
Montana Steward: Headwaters Edition10.2 MiB16
The Montana Steward (Winter 2011)5.9 MiB1147
Montana Steward Fall/Winter 20134.9 MiB1695
The Montana Steward: Answers to Superfund2.8 MiB345
The Montana Steward (Spring 2011)2.3 MiB1239
The Montana Steward (Spring/Summer 2012)7.9 KiB993
Update20Apr2010459.7 KiB905
Clark Fork River
DLTrestleSamplingResults-061209404.8 KiB764
CFR-061209180.6 KiB829
Big Hole River
BigHoleDivDam 08091.3 MiB899
2013 BMF East Camp Monitoring System4.4 MiB901
A Short List of Butte Minerals460.8 KiB867
Butte Ore Production Fact Sheet34.9 KiB765
CFWEP Documents
CFWEP: Place-Based Science-Inquiry Education in a Superfund Site2.4 MiB853
CFWEPWebQuickTour Oct20122.3 MiB855
Restoration & Education1.7 MiB1178
Vacancy Announcement: Director, CFWEP.Org44.0 KiB1034
EPA-AnacondaBasics-0407092.3 MiB1242

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