EPA Five Year Review

Butte While the EPA Five-Year Review of Butte Superfund sites continues, reclamation and restoration work is ongoing in the area. At the top of the Butte hill near Walkerville construction will be completed in 2010 on the Granite Mountain Memorial Interpretive Area. The Memorial itself is being expanded, and an already partially-completed trail will connect [...]

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1955: The Open Pit Mine Era

The Berkeley Pit In 1955, mining in Butte saw the light, literally. Excavation on what would become the Berkeley Pit, named from one of several nearby historic underground mines that the Pit would later swallow, began that year in a transition from underground to open pit mining. The Pit would, in the next decade, swallow [...]

1900s: Environmental Consequences

Silver Bow Creek Becomes an Industrial Sewer The intensive mining and smelting underway in Butte and Anaconda had serious environmental consequences for the entire Upper Clark Fork Basin, consequences that have persisted for over 100 years and that will continue to require community attention and management for the foreseeable future. By the turn of the [...]


From the discovery of gold on Silver Bow Creek, the primary headwater creek for the Clark Fork River, in the 1860s, the Clark Fork River and surrounding ecosystems have been heavily impacted by mining and smelting. Use the Clark Fork Info > History menu above or the links below to explore the history and environment [...]

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