Silver Bow Creek: A History of Use, Abuse and Reuse

For grades 9-12 Developed by CFWEP, this lesson covers: The definition of a “watershed” The movement of surface water The ability of water to move sediment Silver Bow Creek history Silver Bow Creek restoration Use the links below to download the necessary materials for this lesson:

1980s: Cleanup Begins

The Environmental Legacy of Over a Century of Industrial Mining In the mid-1980s, the Clark Fork Basin environment was far from healthy. In the urban center of Uptown Butte, abandoned mine dumps still covered the hill, in between houses and businesses, and with little to no natural vegetation present. Just downstream, Silver Bow Creek, after [...]

1900s: Environmental Consequences

Silver Bow Creek Becomes an Industrial Sewer The intensive mining and smelting underway in Butte and Anaconda had serious environmental consequences for the entire Upper Clark Fork Basin, consequences that have persisted for over 100 years and that will continue to require community attention and management for the foreseeable future. By the turn of the [...]

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